Activating Voices: A Workshop on Writing for Social Justice

October 30, 2022
Mural of Shes' writers participated in a workshop that was curated by Saba Hamzah

Saba Hamzah

a poet-scholar and educator.

Mural of Shes' writers participated in a workshop that was curated by Saba Hamzah focusing on the critical role of documentation in the quest for social justice. This session took place virtually, allowing diverse minds to come together in a shared intellectual space.

During this collaborative endeavor, the workshop examined the discussed the concept of social justice. It sheds light on how this profound theme transcends beyond mere academic discussion into real-world implications and transformative societal change.

A substantial part of the workshop was devoted to the exploration of innovative strategies for conveying social issues. Here, the writers ventured into the dynamic world of art and literature, immersing themselves in the potential of these creative tools to effectively articulate and raise awareness of these pressing issues. The enlightening discussion demonstrated how these expressive mediums can be powerful catalysts for sparking conversations and fostering understanding around social justice.

Throughout the workshop, the writers eagerly voiced their diverse perspectives, thereby fostering a vibrant and engaging dialogue. They provided thoughtful observations and constructive critique on the diverse literary works presented during the session, shedding light on how these pieces resonated with the overarching theme of social justice.

Overall, the workshop acted as a stimulating platform that allowed the writers to delve deeper into the intersection of social justice, art, and literature. It stimulated thought-provoking discussions and offered an opportunity for the writers to both learn and contribute to the conversation, ultimately expanding their understanding of the role they play as writers in the realm of social justice.