Empowering the Pen: Women as Writers and Translators - An Interactive Session

October 20, 2022
In a specially organized event by the Yemeni Women Archive for the Mural of She's writers

Eman Assad

A Jordanian writer and translator

In a specially organized event by the Yemeni Women Archive for the Mural of She's writers, an inspiring and enriching conversation was orchestrated with the  writer and translator, Eman Asaad. This was more than a mere dialogue, it was an immersive journey into the realm of words and narratives, allowing an in-depth glimpse into the world of professional writing and translation.

During the session, Eman candidly shared her personal experiences and anecdotes from her own journey in writing and translation. This was not merely a recounting of events; it was an attempt to illustrate the labyrinth of creativity, struggle, accomplishment, and learning that underpins her literary and translation endeavours. Her narrative was not just informative, but also immensely inspiring, offering the writers in attendance a real-life account of the challenges and triumphs that define the path of a writer.

A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to Eman's effort to motivate the female writers present. She emphasized the importance of confidence and perseverance in their writing. She encouraged them to harness their unique voices and perspectives and to express them unabashedly in their writing. She urged them to be relentless in their pursuit of literary expression and to believe in the power and value of their work.

Eman's inspiring discourse left an indelible positive impression on the writers present. She imparted them with not just advice but also a surge of motivation to relentlessly pursue their creative endeavors. Her words imbued them with a renewed sense of purpose and a strengthened belief in their abilities. This stimulating interaction served to bolster their spirits and inspired them to contribute their creative brilliance to the literary field with renewed vigor and belief in their inherent talent.