Exploring Life Experiences: A Conversation on Writing Experiences

October 6, 2022
In a lively and spirited event, Mural of She's proudly hosted the writer, Rim Mujahid.

Rim Mugahed

Yemeni Writer and Essayist

In a lively and spirited event, Mural of She's proudly hosted the writer,  Rim Mugahed. Rim shared her experiences as a writer deeply engaged in the stories of everyday life, engaging and inspiring the project's writers.

She unpacked the complexities and challenges that can arise when women decide to venture into writing and publishing. She explored instances where women might be restricted from using their family names in their published works, or face stringent censorship that curtails their creative liberty.

Yet, in this vibrant gathering, Rim also highlighted the enriching benefits that being a writer offers, notably when provided a platform to share their narratives and insights. Her positivity infused the room, making it clear that the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

The atmosphere buzzed with inspiration as the writers reciprocated, sharing their own powerful journeys with writing. They spoke with infectious enthusiasm about how writing served not just as an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, but as a strong declaration of their identity and existence.

As the session drew to a close, a triumphant sense of unity prevailed. The writers were motivated by the realization of the importance of sharing women's experiences and giving voice to their unique stories using their creative tools. They stressed the vital need to nurture and preserve such safe spaces for uninhibited sharing of experiences and free discourse.

The celebration of their collective strength and shared mission set the stage for future gatherings, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and solidarity among the writers