Writing from the Margin: An Interactive Session on Creative Writing and Rewriting

October 13, 2022
this gathering organized by Yemeni Women Archive, the writer Haji Jaber.

Hajji Jabir

An Eritrean novelist and journalist

this gathering organized by Yemeni Women Archive, the writer Haji Jaber was invited as a distinguished guest for an interactive dialogue session. The session's theme was centered around the discipline of creative writing and the myriad techniques that lie at its heart. As an esteemed author, Jaber generously offered his insights, sharing substantial aspects of his personal writing journey, thus providing an enriching perspective into the world of literature.

During this vibrant exchange of ideas, the particpants, consisting of aspiring and established writers from Mural of She's, actively engaged in the dialogue, posing numerous questions pertaining to the art and intricacies of writing. Their queries delved into the varied mechanisms that drive the writing process. From conceptualizing an idea to translating it onto paper, from character development to plotting the narrative arc, the discourse embraced all facets of writing. This interactive engagement stimulated a profound intellectual exploration into the nuanced realm of creative writing.

In addition to this, the Muralia writers did not limit themselves to absorbing knowledge from Jaber's experience. They candidly shared their own viewpoints, opinions, and innovative ideas relating to the profession of writing. This allowed for the inclusion of a variety of perspectives, broadening the scope of the conversation and enhancing the depth of understanding amongst the participants.

In an atmosphere brimming with mutual respect for the writing skill, the dialogue session culminated in a vibrant exchange of thoughts and viewpoints. These discussions ultimately created a richly diverse and engaging session that left an indelible mark on all present. The collective wisdom gleaned from the dialogue not only highlighted the multifaceted nature of creative writing but also reinforced its place as a powerful medium for self-expression and storytelling. This memorable meeting of minds served as a testament to the beauty of the writing profession and its unwavering relevance in the contemporary world.