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The Mural of Shes is a safe creative space for women to tell their stories and build their knowledges through various artistic means.

The first edition of The Mural of Shes  brought together 14 women from various cities across Yemen. They shared their unique experiences and established networks to exchange knowledge in a safe, creative environment.

The program unfolded in two stages:

In the first phase,  seven female writers were invited from six diverse Yemeni governorates (Sana'a, Taiz, Marib, Seiyun, Hodeidah, and Shabwa) to participate in Writing for Social Justice workshop and other sessions. This offered the writers an opportunity to interact with fellow authors from different countries during weekly meetings. These sessions allowed them to share experiences, discuss their life and writing journeys, and culminate in the creation of seven distinct literary pieces.

In the second phase,   seven visual artists  hailing from five governorates (Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Ibb, and Hodeidah) were engaged. These artists took part in a workshop on Art for Social Justice  and storytelling through various artistic means. The artists read the stories  produced in the first stage and were asked to propose their pitches for retelling the texts in different artistic means. They had the space to choose their mode of expression, leading to the creation of seven diverse art pieces, each reflecting their unique perspectives."





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Peter Derrek Hof

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Yemen

Eman Asaad

Writer and translator

Haji Jaber

Novelist and journalist

Rim Mugahed

Writer and Essayist

Hana Al- Showafi

Gender Policy Officer, Netherlands Embassy to Yemen

PROJECT management

Saba Hamzah

Curator & mentor

Gehad Gar

Project manager